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Natanek Group offers comprehensive international transport services in Europe, Asia and Africa. We are a trusted business partner of global retail chains and global industry leaders.

Our Branches:

  • Natanek Nova Sp. z o.o. based in Krakow exists since 1992.As a winner of the prestigious Forbes Diamonds for the year 2016, the company is considered one of the most rapidly developing transport companies in Poland. Giving its customers disposal a fleet of over 150 trucks, it is a leader in the international distribution of food and industrial goods. As a trusted business partner, the company works with global trade networks in the European Unionand Russia. Natanek Nova company hires about 200 skilled and experienced employees, forming a team ready to meet any challenge to the transport. What distinguishes our company from the competition is a very attractive service prices, timely delivery and professionalism. It testifies to the enormous success of the company, which has gained trust of world leaders from industry like LG Electronics. High quality of services offered by Natanek Nova is certified by ISO and HACCP. The company is a member of the Association of International Road Carriers. Whereas care for the environment, the company also invests in the latest technology to reduce exhaust emissions standard Euro 5 and Euro 6.  Natanek Nova’s own tabor are the only modern trucks brands such as Mercedes, Volvo and DAF. 


  •  NATANEX Logistics Poland Sp. z o.o. was founded in May 2011. The company was founded in response to widespread market demand for shipping services. Employing 28 shippers operating 8 languages, initially focused on forwarding services and support headquarters in managing their own fleet. It is still our main task, however, in September 2016 company has extended its offer by buying their own 5 sets of truks and employs 7 qualified drivers. Currently our regular cruise lines cover the entire territory of the European Union. Front jasnyWe specialize in transporting both Full truck Loads (FTL) and Less than trucktoad (LTL). With perfect knowledge of 8 languages ​​we reach a wide range of customers throughout Europe, not available to the majority polish spedition companies. The office is located in Warsaw, where speditors and transport coordinators control our own fleet and the fleet of subcontractors associated with us through contracts. Professional approach to each order and impeccable reputation in this branch are our advantages. This makes it easier to convince carriers to cooperate who us building together a modern fleet of over 300 vehicles at the disposal of Natanek Group. Our partners are experienced Polish transporters, meeting the formal requirements, such as impeccable professional reputation, having Carrier Liability Insurance (OCP in polish) and the TIR Carnet.