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For subcontractors

Cooperation with reliable and professional Carriers is one of the key elements of satisfaction of our customers. Our offer is addressed to small and medium-sized transport companies for both: national and international relations.

We are looking for carriers with their own trucks with refrigerated trailers and curtain trailers. We specialize in directions: Spain, France, England, Benelux and Russia.

n addition, we are able to arrange transportation to every country in the EU, together, with assured return cargo. Currently we organize transfers throughout the European Union and Russia for more than 100 transportation companies.

Our offer includes:

  • No need to sign a contract = flexible rules of cooperation.
    Each transport is determined individually, based on current market conditions. In particular, the travels to Spain where freight rates vary strongly during the fruit and vegetable campaign.
  • The ability to use our fuel card on the principle of mutual compensation claims At selected stations we offer the same fuel prices that have been negotiated for our own fleet.
  • Guarrantee of orders through the whole year. .
    Stable base of Polish and foreign customers with whom we have signed long-term contracts. Our clients are exclusively manufacturing companies and the largest logistics operators in the European Union.
  • Guarantee the continuity of orders.
    We provide next loadings in the vicinity of the previous place of unloading with minimal driveway “on empty”.
  • Language support in most languages of the EU and Russia.
  • Comprehensive service including the ability to use our viaTOLL and fuel cards Shell and BP SHELL and BP with delayed payment deadline in the form of mutual compensation claims.
  • Language support in most languages of the EU and Russia. .
    We help both the driver in contact with customers as well as the translation of all papers related foreign transport.
  • We offer three forms of payment:
    • immediate transfer
    • 7 days transfer
    • standard transfer 45-65 days