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Curtain trailers are classified as tarpaulin trailers type. In our company, we have more than 20 trailers of this type. The frame is made of durable steel construction, which additionally is twice blasted, degreased, and covered with polyurethane varnish, resistant to abrasion and adverse weather conditions. The name of this type trailer took its name from the way of opening the cargo area. It involves moving the curtain which is mounted on a special guide. Paying attention to the needs of our customers, we also possess 10 MEGA trailers with a height of three meters. Most of the transported cargo is palletized to use in the maximum way the height of commercially available trailers, that is why all our curtain trailers have a hydraulically raised roof to enable more efficient loading and unloading action. Versatility makes our curtain trailers able to realize a variety of transportation tasks.

Basic specifications:

  • Masa własna 6584 kg.phpThumb_generated_thumbnail (1)222
  • Weight 6 584 kg
  • Capacity 28 416 kg
  • DMC 35 000 kg
  • ilość miejsc paletowych – 33 EUR
  • Amount of palette place 33 eur
  • Inside width 2480 mm
  • Inside MEGA height 30 000 mm
  • Inside lenght 13 620 mm
  • SAF axles
  • Front lifted axle
  • Pallet backet
  • ABS, EBS
  • Pneumatic suspension  schmitz-cargobull-logo-1-980x280